What Tasks To Give A Virtual Personal Assistant?


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The virtual personal assistant is a service taken up by companies, business owners, executives, entrepreneurs etc., working on a large scale as it helps them outsource their work. This enables them to save their time and money, which they can contribute to more important things.

You can give administration, management, business development, content writing, and other similar tasks to your virtual personal assistant. However, the tasks you give to your virtual assistant will depend on their skill set.

Now, here we will discuss various tasks that you can give to your assistant, how to get the most out of your virtual personal assistant, and everything you need to know regarding a virtual personal assistant.

What Tasks To Give A Virtual Personal Assistant?

Here are some tasks that you can assign to your virtual assistant.

Administrative Work

Administrative work includes many jobs such as invoicing, handling customer queries, FAQs, etc. and all this cannot be taken care of by the business owners as they already have a lot on their plate.

So, a personal virtual assistant can assist with such work, and they can take care of these tasks; in addition, you can save the office costs as everything would be done virtually.

Email Management

A business head can’t take care of all the emails, answer each of them and keep track of them, so a personal virtual assistant can do these tasks and save time by doing a few tasks such as screening of emails, adding people to the contacts, updating their information to the contacts list, adding those contacts to CRM, etc. These things can be taken care of by the virtual personal assistant.

Social Media Management

Nowadays, every business, whether small or big, needs to interact with people through social media. The conditions have made social media take a significant part of the market, plus social media management does not even require a lot of funding.

Still, it does require good management, which can be time-consuming, so a personal virtual assistant with complete dedication and social media skills can take it to new heights.

Personal Work

Virtual personal name, as the name suggests, takes care of your managerial work as well as do your errands too such as making restaurant reservations, sending gifts to clients, schedule medical appointments, making purchases, etc. as these things are essential for business relations as well as they need time and efforts, so, a personal virtual assistant can take care of such tasks.

Content creation

It is wrong to think that anyone can do content writing, it is an art form in itself, and a person with good writing and marketing skills can only execute proper content marketing ideas that come out to be successful.

They should have the proper knowledge of the target audience, post engaging posts, attract the audience with infographics, etc.

They should know how to write blogs, articles and catch the eye of the audience. Hence, a personal virtual assistant with these skills can do these tasks properly.

Customer service

It is difficult for a company owner to attend to customers having queries. It’s difficult for them to do the reception work, do phone interactions with customers, have virtual meetings with customers to cater to their needs and queries.

A personal virtual assistant can do these tasks by answering essential calls, scheduling essential meetings, receiving emails, etc. which are time consuming but at the same time they are quite important for the organization for various matters.


Doing research work is not an easy job, and not everyone can do this task, as it is not simply finding stats from the web. Still, it requires proper research knowledge, the know-how of search engine optimization, checking various reliable sources, and only a person who has a hand at the job can do this work.

So, this can be done by the virtual personal assistant with good insightful knowledge of where to get data from and do the research work.

How to get the most out of your Virtual Personal Assistant?

The business world is rapidly changing with technology and scenarios, and management is outsourcing their work tasks to virtual personal assistants.

But how can the management heads get their work done through virtual personal assistants?

There are some tips on how to get the tasks done by the virtual personal assistant:

1. Be specific and communicate properly: Communicate often with your virtual assistant.

2. Excellent and precise communication can help develop a healthy relationship that can imbibe in them a feeling of belongingness, leading to dedicated work.

3. Build trust by respecting your virtual assistant: Everyone loves to work in a happy corporate environment where they are respected, as this builds trust, and the virtual assistant will always want to be a part of your team. Therefore, always try to share your personal experiences with them.


In conclusion, virtual personal assistants are an asset for any startup and the heads of an organization. This is because they care for all the work, which is time-consuming yet essential and leaves the team heads to focus only on what is essential for the organization.

Moreover, they possess various skills that work according to the needs of the job, and they also eliminate the need to hire extra experts for the jobs to be done related to various particular fields. Therefore, a virtual personal assistant can assist you related to any work, whether personal or organizational.

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