Top 10 Careers That Will Be Highly Remote

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of people around the world consider changing or adjusting their career choices. According to an analysis conducted by McKinsey Global Institute, more than 20% of workers around the world will continue working fully or partially from home even when the pandemic comes to an end. 

Well, you do not have to be an expert or have a sense of the career trends since the inception of the COVID-19 to identify some of the careers that will be highly remote. Even before the pandemic, remote work was already in place and the technology has evolved and allowed more jobs to be executed remotely. 

Here is a breakdown of the top 10 careers that will be highly remote. 

1. Tech and Finance Workers

Both Tech and Financial workers have some of the best jobs that can be done remotely. Let’s consider a financial manager whose job is to monitor financial data, create reports and make a financial recommendation to an organization. Or, a software developer in the tech industry whose work is to create programs for both computer systems and applications. Nowadays all these tasks can be accomplished remotely. I believe there is no need to be in an office to complete some of these tasks. 

2. Digital Marketing

This is one of the top growing spaces for remote workers. In 2020, it was estimated that an average person spends up to four hours a day online. No wonder PR and marketing entities are focusing on digital marketing as their main strategy. These explain why more digital marketing jobs will continue to resurface for remote workers. 

3. Project Managers

The role of a project manager is to coordinate every aspect of a company’s or client’s project from development to implementation. The physical presence of a project manager is not often required 24/7, since some of the tasks can be done from home. This makes project management a career path that is ideal for remote work. 

4. Customer service

All you need to become a customer service agent is good communication and great phone skills. Your home can always be a perfect virtual call center where you can respond to phone queries, email, or online chat. 

5. Tutors and education professionals (Edukko)

With the advances in technology and high-speed internet connections, tutors and education professionals are now able to work with more students across the globe. As more countries continue to permit K-12 children to attend public schools online, the more the demand for teachers who can work remotely online. An example is Edukko which is a platform that already hires certified online tutors who can provide access to high-quality learning online. 

6. Experts in Workplace Diversity (Ettikal)

An example is Ettikal which has benefited immensely from working remotely. It has increased the efficiency and productivity of employees as well as enabling them to attain a work-life balance at a reduced cost.  

7. Translation/Bilingual Job Roles

Being bilingual or proficient in a multitude of languages is a direct ticket to working remotely and on a freelance basis. As a translator, working remotely enables you to access foreign markets that need your services. 

8. Creative Copywriter

There is an abundance of freelance opportunities for those who intend to work as creative copywriters. All you need is to accumulate a professional portfolio and you will be good at working and earning from a remote location of your choice. 

9. Sales Representative

Sales representatives tend to have flexible work schedules which does not require them to work from an office. Even though some sales positions might involve some moderate amount of travel, there is no need to be in an office as long as you can meet your sales goals. 

10. Web Developer

Web developers can easily work remotely either as a freelancer or a full-time employee. Web developing is a skill or art and most people are concerned with what you can do rather than where you are doing it from. 

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