20 Minutes Tasks

This ensures that the work is focused on the task. A goal of the technique is to reduce the effect of internal and external interruptions on focus and flow. A Pomodoro is indivisible..

How To Get Started As a Virtual Assistant

Today, everyone is craving a job that will guarantee them more income, more freedom, and the option to work from a remote location of their choice. Well, working as a virtual assistant (VA) might be the right choice for you!

Top 10 Careers That Will Be Highly Remote

Well, you do not have to be an expert or have a sense of the career trends since the inception of the COVID-19 to identify some of the careers that will be highly remote.

Virtual Assistants

Nothing feels so refreshing as setting your own hours and calling the shots while you are running your business. But, have you ever come to a point where your business is holding you hostage?

What Tasks To Give A Virtual Personal Assistant?

You can give administration, management, business development, content writing, and other similar tasks to your virtual personal assistant.

Your Business Is More Than Just a Website or App

You might be wasting your time and effort if you focus on launching your app or website when launching a business.

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