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Every received request will be classified and divided into Tasks.

Each Task should be done in a segment of 20 minutes.

Ettikal Clients should feel free to share their request with Ettikal team. The Team
member should make sure, and care to achieve the requested in the 20 minutes

What if the task requested takes more than 20 minutes?

It should not. Ettikal Team has to evaluate if the Task requested can be done in the 20 minutes segment or not. It is either a Project and can be broken into smaller Tasks; or the member is over thinking it and spending more time on it than he/she should.


Example: Content pillars for Social Media. The member should either come up
with the pillars and samples in 20 minutes if he/she is very familiar with the
industry and the Client; or the member should split this into more tasks.


Social media content pillars:
● Competitor research 20 minutes
● Content pillars 20 minutes
● Content examples 20 minutes

Why 20 minutes?

We are basing this on the Pomodoro Technique. Here is an explanation of how it works.

This ensures that the work is focused on the task. A goal of the technique is to
reduce the effect of internal and external interruptions on focus and flow. A Pomodoro is indivisible; when interrupted during a Pomodoro, either the other
activity must be recorded and postponed (using the inform – negotiate – schedule – call back strategy); or the Pomodoro must be abandoned.

What if the task takes less than 20 minutes?

Great. However; that means we need to bundle things up for the Client.

Example: Replying to social comments. One reply will not take more than 5 minutes. So we bundle these into a social media moderation 20 minutes slot and schedule these twice a day for the client.

How will this affect the current work?

All Projects and Tasks need to be revisited to fit the 20 minutes rule. Starting
today Ettikal Team productivity will be measured based on tasks completed per

From the benefits of this technique:
● Makes the member feel more valuable.
● Improves planning
● Helps the member fight procrastination
● Breaks the habit of multitasking
● Let the member deals with distractions and interruptions
● Maintains motivation
● Decreases physical and mental fatigue

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